Icicles on eaves of house.

Common Sources of Winter Claims

Wintertime with its holidays and outdoor activities can offer a lot of fun. However, it’s also a time to take extra precautions. Colder temperatures, snowstorms, and ice accumulation are all a part of the winter season. The unique characteristics of the season bring with them certain increased risks and hazardous situations. At Umialik, our Claims Department sees the results of these situations as certain claims get reported more often in the winter.

Here are our four most common sources of winter claims for property:

  1. Ice/snow/freeze – including ice dams, frozen pipes, and backup of ice and snow (to name a few)
  2. Water damage
  3. Theft/burglary
  4. Fire/smoke

No matter what the weather brings, having comprehensive insurance policies for your home and auto can offer peace of mind.