Vehicle windshield with chip.

What Should I Do If My Windshield Gets Chipped?

It’s that dreaded moment when you’re driving and suddenly something small hits your windshield. Once you arrive at your destination, you check and find there’s a chip in your windshield. What do you do now?

When a windshield is chipped, there are two possible options: it can be repaired or replaced. Which one you choose depends on the size, location, and severity of the damage. Repairing the chip is the faster and less expensive option, but sometimes the damage requires the windshield to be replaced.

To find out if the windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, visit a glass repair shop to have it checked. It’s important to do this soon after you notice the chip. If the windshield only needs to be repaired, it should be done quickly in order to prevent the chip from spreading.

Depending on your Personal Auto insurance policy, you may have coverage for repairing or replacing your windshield. A deductible may apply. Check with your, contact your Independent Insurance Agent.