Business owner reviewing factory floor safety with a Loss Control Specialist.

What is Loss Control?

Loss Control is a proactive form of Risk Management that allows for companies, like Umialik Insurance, to conduct an onsite assessment of your business. During these visits, a loss control consultant will conduct a thorough inspection of your workplace to determine the possibility that a loss will occur. If a potential loss is identified, the loss control consultant will evaluate the scenario to determine the best method for eliminating and minimizing hazards in your workplace.

While it is important to assess the physical workplace, things like management structure, product and service offerings, operations, and staffing will also be discussed. Together, these details will give the loss control consultant the necessary information to develop a comprehensive description of your business. With an accurate business description, insurance companies can provide appropriate insurance coverage and services to protect all of your business needs.

Controlling losses is the most effective way to contain insurance costs and a Loss Control visit will assist in helping you control losses and minimize hazards in your workplace. For more information, visit or contact your Independent Insurance Agent.