Mother and daughter embracing behind vehicle with back hatch of car open, unpacking for college.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Students

Did you know that being a good student can positively affect your Personal Auto insurance? With the start of the school year approaching, Umialik wants to remind our policyholders that hard work in the classroom can pay off, literally!

At Umialik, we believe in rewarding students for their academic achievement. That’s why we offer a Good Student Discount to students who meet the following three requirements:

Furthermore, the Good Student Discount will continue to be applied to the Personal Auto policy of qualified students even after they graduate, up until age 25!

Good grades aren’t the only way a student can positively affect your family’s Personal Auto policy premiums. If a student is attending college far away from home without taking a family car along with them, they may be eligible for an additional discount. To qualify, a student must be studying over 100 miles away from home without a vehicle.

For more information about these and other discounts Umialik offers, contact your Independent Insurance Agent.