10 Tips for Grilling Safety

Grilling all different types of foods has become increasingly popular and more often than not, can be done year-round! This fun cooking technique also brings the risk of open fire. The following are a few simple tips to keep you and your family safe while grilling your next culinary creation.

  • Remember - grills should always be placed away from your home, deck railings, and overhanging branches.

  • Keep your clothing in mind. Wearing loose clothing that has strings or frills can be a fire risk. Flame-retardant mitts should be used when adjusting hot vents.

  • Grills should be placed on a secure surface. Be sure all of the parts of the unit are firmly in place.

  • Make sure to have a fire extinguisher and baking soda on hand in case of a grease fire.

  • Consider placing a grill pad or splatter mat beneath your grill to save your deck or patio from grease that misses the drip pan.

Propane Grills

  • Properly inspect the gas hose before lighting. To check for leaks, simply spray the hose with soapy water. If you see bubbles forming, this is a sign of a gas line leak. Be sure to replace leaky hoses before using.

  • Always open the grill lid before lighting. When the lid is closed, there is risk of explosion as gas continues to build up in the enclosed space.

Charcoal Grills

  • If you are considering using a liquid starter, only use charcoal starter fluid. Once the grill has ignited, do not add charcoal fluid or other flammable liquids to the flame.

  • Be sure that your extension cord is equipped for outdoor use if using one for an electric starter.

  • When you have finished grilling, let the coals cool completely before disposing of them properly in a metal container.