Couple packing up their belongings into cardboard boxes.

Should I Buy Renter Insurance Before I Move or After I’m Moved in?

Moving is often a stressful and busy process that has a lot of details demanding attention. Asking your Independent Insurance Agent when it’s the right time to buy Renter Insurance is one detail that sometimes gets put to the side.

There are a few things to consider when determining the right time to buy Renter Insurance. What if, in the process of moving boxes from a vehicle into your apartment, your bicycle, left unattended in your vehicle, is stolen? What if a friend or neighbor trips over a moving box and injures an ankle? Often, answering these questions points a renter toward buying Renter Insurance after the lease is signed and before they move in.

If you are thinking of moving, it’s a good idea to contact your Independent Insurance Agent early on in the process. To locate an Independent Insurance Agent near you, click here.