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Products for Businesses

Outstanding Protection for Your Commercial Insurance Needs

Umialik is committed to providing high-quality insurance coverage to businesses. We specialize in small- to mid-size rural and main street businesses, including everything from restaurants and mercantile to specialty contractors and auto repair shops.

Umialik's Businessowners Policy (BOP) program is designed for small businesses that desire to combine their property and liability insurance needs into one convenient package of coverages. Our unique BOP program is available for hundreds of eligible small business classes and comes complete with flexible payment options, including monthly direct bill installments.

Umialik insures commercial vehicles in conjunction with other commercial policies. Standard coverages for Commercial Auto include:

  • Combined single limit insurance for Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical

  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

  • Comprehensive

  • Collision

  • Other miscellaneous coverages are also available

Umialik provides the many types of insurance necessary to protect your business from the perils of fire, theft, wind, loss of income, and more. Coverage for building, building personal property, and personal property of others is standard under the policy. In addition, Umialik has a Property Enhancement Endorsement that expands many of the coverages available under the basic property form. The following coverages are subject to expanded limits:

  • Accounts receivable

  • Back-up of sewers

  • Changes in temperature or humidity

  • Distance from described premises

  • EDP (computer)

  • Extra expense

  • Fire extinguisher recharge

  • Inventory and appraisals of loss

  • Lock replacement

  • Newly acquired or constructed property

  • Ordinance or law

  • Off-premises power failure

  • Outdoor property

  • Personal effects

  • Property off premises (includes exhibition)

  • Property in the custody of salespersons

  • Property of others

  • Property in transit

  • Reward reimbursement

  • Signs (attached and unattached)

  • Utility services (off-premises power failure)

  • Valuable papers

The Commercial Package Policy (CPP) is a valuable and cost-effective way to combine many different lines of business into one package.

Do you own multiple properties? Umialik offers Dwelling Fire Insurance to help policyholders like you cover various types of dwellings that their Homeowner Insurance does not cover. Whether it's property that you rent to others or a seasonal property that you own*, our Dwelling Fire Insurance provides the reliable and affordable protection you need.

Umialik's Contractors E&O form provides coverage on a claims-made basis for damages resulting from the customer's negligent act, error, or omission arising from the business operation described in the declarations or from a defect in material or product sold or installed by the customer while acting in the business.

With the increased use of e-commerce; web-based file storage; and the proliferation of smart phones, laptops, and tablets in businesses of all sizes, data security risks are growing exponentially. Recognizing this increasing risk, we developed a Cyber Liability coverage program that provides both First-Party and Third-Party Protection for our new and existing commercial customers. Cyber Liability coverage limits are available up to $1,000,000 and our program includes these nine core coverage components:

  • Network Security and Privacy Insurance – coverage for both online and offline information, virus attacks, denial of service, and failure to prevent transmission of malicious code

  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties – coverage for defense costs and fines and penalties resulting from government investigations

  • Privacy Breach Response Costs – coverage for costs incurred to notify affected individuals

  • Distance from described premises

  • Network Asset Protection – coverage for income loss, business interruption expenses, and costs to restore data that is damaged

  • Multimedia Insurance – coverage for copyright/trademark infringement

  • Cyber Extortion – will pay extortion expenses and monies as a direct result of a credible cyber extortion threat

  • Cyber Terrorism – coverage for income loss and interruption expenses as a result of the interruption of the customer’s computer system due to a cyber terrorism attack

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) fines and penalties

  • Cyber Crime – coverage for losses incurred due to (1) wire transfer fraud, (2) fraudulent use of an insured telephone system, and (3) phishing schemes that impersonate your brand, products, or services, including the costs of reimbursing your customers for losses they sustain as a result of such phishing schemes

Umialik offers Employer's Practices Liability (EPL) coverage for eligible commercial policies, making it easier and affordable for employers to protect themselves against these increasingly prevalent claims. This EPL program protects employers against claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and other unlawful employment practices.

To access Umialik's EPL resource website (EmployerProtectionNet), click here.

EPL website resources:

Equipment Breakdown insurance covers the physical and financial damage stemming from an insured equipment failure. It's the bottom-line protection essential for today's technology-driven world. Umialik's policy pays for losses that aren't typically covered by standard property policies.

Our insurance includes:

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Cloud Computing Service Interruption

  • Electrical arcing

  • Hot water heater loss or damage

  • Microelectronics Coverage

  • Off Premises Coverage

  • Public Relations Coverage

  • Steam boiler, piping, engine, or turbine explosion

  • Steam boiler loss or damage

Umialik uses the ISO General Liability policy form. The policy offers coverage for the following:

  • Bodily Injury

  • Property Damage

  • Personal Injury

  • Advertising Liability

  • Fire Legal Liability

  • Medical Expense

Umialik provides most of the typical Inland Marine coverages. Listed below are some of the more common ones:

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Bailees' Coverage

  • Builders' Risk

  • Cargo

  • Contractors' Equipment

  • EDP (computer)

  • Installation Floater

  • Signs

  • Transportation Floater

  • Valuable Papers

The Workers' Compensation policy pays for medical expenses and lost wages in amounts determined by state law. All employers are required to either purchase Workers' Compensation insurance or be self-insured. Employers can work with loss control representatives and claim administrators at Umialik to monitor and manage their claims. Umialik offers the following Workers' Compensation programs:

  • Guaranteed cost

  • Deductible programs

  • Dividend programs

  • Flat

  • Variable